earth to jonathan

Jonathan Howard Kemp is mainly a guitarist and songwriter who also plays drums. In his early life he performed jazz, sacred, and classical music as a trombonist and vocalist. After becoming obsessed with folk, psychedelic, roots, and rock ‘n’ roll, he taught himself guitar. Kemp was a music education major when he had a change of heart and sold his Bach Stradivarius 42 trombone to buy a Fender ‘59 Bassman guitar amp. He began recording layers of himself singing and playing guitar using free shareware and eventually upgraded to a four-track cassette recorder that he still uses.

Jonathan’s latest self-released/self-produced solo album is Astronaut Ice Cream Sundae, on which he plays the drums, bass, and synthesizer in addition to guitar and vocals. Kemp engineered and mixed the album himself, using some inexpensive microphones from eBay.